Online Advertisement Design

Attractive, good-looking online advertisement design can help benefit your website's online marketing campaign by providing valuable clicks. Webmasters can also use attractive advertisement design to attract new advertisers and generate ad revenue that is beneficial to both the webmaster and the advertiser.

Banner Size (Pixels) Description Price
728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner Ad $119.99
468 x 60 Full Horizontal Banner $119.99
234 x 60 Half Banner $99.99
125 x 125 Square Button $99.99
120 x 240 Vertical Banner $104.99
120 x 90 Button $89.99
120 x 60 Button $89.99
88 x 31 Micro button $29.99

Online Advertisement Hosting Service

OSP Enterprises can host your banner ads, giving you full access to statistical information, which is sometimes not available on all website hosts. Banner hosting allows you to free up space and bandwidth on smaller server setups.
Access to dedicated statistical information will give you the edge when selling advertisement locations on your website.
Statistical information provides you and your advertising clients' access to per click statistics, including IP address logging, hostname logging and more.

Number of Advertisements
Monthly Price
Banner Bare
Banner Essential
Banner Better
Banner Best

Online Advertisement Design Size Examples

728 x 90 - Leaderboard banner ad

728x90 Pixels

468 x 60 Full horizontal banner

468x60 Pixels

234 x 60 Half banner

234x60 Pixels

125 x 125 Square button

125x125 Pixels

120 x 90 Button

120x90 Pixels

120 x 240 Vertical banner

120x240 Pixels

88 x 31 Micro button

88x31 Pixels

120 x 60 Button

120x60 Pixels